BACH, J.S.: St Matthew Passion (Richter)
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BACH, J.S.: St Matthew Passion (Richter)


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- (Disc 1)
St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244

Date of Production: 1971
Playing Time: 03:21:00
Catalogue Number: A05004492

Karl Richter, the world-renowned Bach specialist who died in 1981, recorded the St. Matthew Passion at the splendid Benedictine abbey of Ottobeuren with two choruses, his Munich Bach Orchestra and the outstanding soloists Peter Schreier (Evangelist), Ernst Gerold Schramm (Jesus), Siegmund Nismgern (Judas) as well as Helen Donath, Julia Hamari, Walter Berry and Horst Laubenthal. Director Hugo Käch took the cross as his main motif for his stage setting by using a gigantic cross above the performers to suggest menace and oppression as well as protection. Richter's style blends the solid craftsmanship of a Leipzig "cantor" and a profound need for the freedom of improvisation. "I cannot gauge the tempo from the metronome; I have to take to it from my pulse, since the pulse is linked to the center of man, the heart." (Karl Richter)

Part 1

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